Our Space planners conduct a detailed space assessment based on the number of staff and their respective roles. We often ask for an organogram of the organization in order to get a holistic idea of who fits in where.

Some staff are able to work in an open plan environment, while other staff require focus areas where they can work without distraction. Certain departments e.g. HR and Finance require confidential areas where documents can be stored in a safe and secure environment. Employees and departments that interact regularly need to be situated within close proximity in order to ensure that the space is used productively and the amount of foot traffic is reduced.

Engaging with a space planner before choosing your office space can assist you with selecting the most effective and efficient office space. The shape and usability of each office space is different and developing a space plan for each one will provide you with an indication of usability, layout, flow and budget requirements. This will assist in making the decision to either stay in your existing space and refurbishing it, or alternatively moving into a brand new address.

This is a unique service we offer where we assist you in choosing and sourcing the right space for your office.

Space Pairing is a new concept, developed out of the need to create the ideal office by selecting your space to suit your company, rather than planning your company into a space that is not suitable. So the process of space pairing is where we understand your space needs and then propose a solution based on our experience so you can find the right office space to rent or buy. We will also assist with the space-sourcing process by working closely with our network of property developers and consultants.

Space planning is a fundamental building block for the interior design of an office space. The space planner conducts an assessment of the best use of your office space and provides you with a number of suitable alternatives to choose from.

Once you know how much space you need and have found an office that suits your needs, then the space planning process can begin. It lays out the different areas within the office space that is the best use of the space, given the type of business and number of staff within the space.

The space planner develops a space plan for the chosen space and shows you what you would look like in your new offices. It illustrates the different work areas and support spaces. There is also the flexibility to be able to move the office space around in conjunction with the space planner.


The Office Space Plan Considers:

  • how people move throughout the space
  • match furniture and layout to business requirements
  • ensure the right people are placed in the right spot
  • How to make the best use of your space – bang for buck stuff

This is the look and feel of the interior of the office space. This is where you work closely with our interior designers to figure out what you want your office space to say about you.

There are many studies on human behavior in the workplace that you will have access to and be able to apply to your new office space. The interior design of your office should reflect your company’s organizational culture and brand and will assist in attracting and retaining staff and clients and helps to produce a conducive working environment.

The design of the office can also build brand recognition with staff and clients alike. Subtle branding throughout the office can send a common message to the company and provide a sense of unity and togetherness.

  • We will take your old home and turn it into a new modern home that you have always dreamed of.
  • We work with you as you tell us about type of a home you want.
  • We are able to turn old garages into modern day apartments, old run down houses into new homes.
  • We work on your budget and we always give best quality finishes.
  • If the project is long and expensive we can work in phases according to our clients budget.